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Located on the Vistula River, the capital of Poland is a diverse city with many monuments and attractions. The vibrant economic, cultural and scientific center of the country is a city that is constantly developing and changing its face, while maintaining respect for the history and monuments that survived the war damages.

The historical center of the city is located on the Vistula escarpment. There you can find the Royal Castle and the Old Town with the market square, the mermaid statue, the cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the remains of the city fortifications. Almost in their entirety, these monuments were rebuilt after the destruction of World War II and are one of the few non-original objects on the UNESCO list.

The almost complete destruction of Warsaw was caused by the uprising in 1944. Its tragic fate is reminiscent of one of the newer museums, the Warsaw Uprising Museum. World War II also destroyed the multicultural Warsaw community, in which a large group constituted Jews. You can learn about their stories and relationships they had with Poland in the modern multimedia Polin Museum.

Warsaw has also beautiful parks and green areas. The most important of them include the Łazienki Park located in the city center with the classicist Palace on the Water, and the park and palace in Wilanów, which belonged to King John III Sobieski. The most original garden is located in the neighborhood of the Copernicus Science Center, on the roof of the University of Warsaw Library. From there you can see the entire Old Town. Another good vantage point is the observation deck of the Palace of Culture and Science.

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