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Local name: Oranżeria

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

Wilanowska Orangery is a traditional glass pavilion, which is now slowly being restored to the cultivation of exotic trees. Among the selected species grown in pots are several varieties of oranges, lemon, grapefruit and lime. Temporary exhibitions and events are also organized in the pavilion.

The first Orangery, or - as it was also called - the Orange was built in the 80s of the seventeenth century, and according to then fashion for many years was the place of entertainment and social gatherings royal court. Placed in the northern garden was a place of exotic citrus plants. The building has not survived until now, but there are traces of it. The one that can be visited today is the result of reconstruction in 1749 and another extension in 1811 on the initiative of Stanisław Kostka Potocki. The building stands out in a strict, classicistic form.

Behind the building of the new Orangery there is a greenhouse where citrus trees are kept in the winter. At present the building is in the process of restoring its splendor from the days of King John III Sobieski.


Attractions inside

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    Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/1602-958 Warsaw , Poland