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Wilanów Gardens

Local name: Ogrody w Wilanowie

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

The Gardens of Wilanów cover the area of 45ha and are an effect of the reconstruction from the 1950s. The arrangement in Italian and English styles is a combination of water and plant compositions and little architecture what makes it one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. The complex consists of a flower garden, the garden at the orangery, the garden at the north wing, an English park, an English-Chinese park, Neo-Gothic Mauretańska Gate, a pump building and many more.

The Gardens of Wilanów was established in the 17th century, during the construction of the palace. The two-stories central part situated on the same axis as the palace was designed in Italian style with an ancient, Baroque and Renaissance elements. The brick wall is located between the stories which are connected with each other by the double-sided stairs with decorated balustrades. The Romantic cave and cellars built under the stairs. The current shape of the gardens wasn't Sobieski's doing but the next owners who carried out renovations. The important feature of the composition is the color scheme. Dominating colors are yellow, red, pink which are complemented by white, orange and blue.

The renovated complex attracts the attention with thoroughly groomed Buxus hedges situated at the lawns edges which create a beautiful geometrical composition. The completion of the Buxus alleys are fountains and flowerbeds. The lower terrace consists of beautiful monumental old-growth trees crossed by the firebreak leading to Lake Wilanów.


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