About us

The idea of creating the website was born a few years ago, out of our own needs and experiences. Planning a trip or excursion required spending a lot of time browsing many websites and information was often lacking. The market lacked a universal, simple tool to search for interesting places in the area. Our idea met with great interest, which convinced us that tropter.com must be created.

Tropter is an interactive tourist guide whose aim is to present the most interesting attractions in Poland, Europe and the world in a very simple way. It is not only an extensive database of attractions with photos, descriptions and practical information, but also a map that allows you to create your own collections and find yourself in the field. Tropter allows you to plan your trip quickly and easily - whether it's a holiday abroad or a weekend in the area.

Lots of travel benefits
Our website accompanies the User from inspiration, through planning, sightseeing and after returning home, when you can share your impressions with family and friends on the Internet.

The most important benefits are:

  • The base of attractions - we already have about 35,000 objects in it and we are still expanding it. Attractions are provided with descriptions, photos and often with opening hours and price lists. Many of them also have user reviews that are an additional source of information.
  • Top Attractions - these are the best and most popular attractions from each country that are worth visiting. They are marked on the map with a drawing and in orange on the list;
  • Map - a clear map with drawings, which at the start is arranged according to the ranking and always shows us the most interesting attractions at the top, and you can also sort it by distance or alphabetically. It allows not only to develop a sightseeing plan ideally suited to the user's criteria, but also to find oneself in the field;
  • Collections - they will allow you to create your own collections of places worth visiting or selecting already visited objects, and thus storing memories from travels and trips (also with the use of added opinions or photos);
  • Indoor attractions - if there is more than one attraction in a given facility (e.g. the Arc de Triomphe also houses a museum and an observation deck) this is marked - this way the user will never miss any attraction;
  • Inspirations - ready-made sightseeing plans or rankings of the best thematic places in a given country / city, which are an ideal impulse for action and planning further trips.
  • Application for the phone - everything the most important from the Internet in a handy dedicated application on the phone. Always at hand when traveling.

It is worth being part of the tourist community
Tropter is a website that is also created by its Users. Currently, the website includes thousands of tourist attractions, visited and photographed by our team, but many places are still waiting to be completed. This is why we encourage members of our community to share their knowledge and information. If there is something interesting in your area, it is worth sharing it, and Tropter.com makes it possible.