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Royal Chambers

Local name: Komnaty Królewskie

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

Royal Chambers are located in the central part of the palace, right behind the Great Vestibule at the main entrance. Situated on the left, the queen's antechamber and bedroom are identical with the king's chambers on the right. Royal bedrooms are connected by the Dutch Office.

The four chambers of king and queen are decorated with paintings and reliefs related to seasons. The queen's antechamber (vestibule) and bedroom are dominated by allegorical motives of spring and fall. The chambers of king consist of the art related to winter and summer. Worthy of attention are wonderful plafonds decorating the ceiling, and decorations with rural motives, typical for the Georgics by Virgil, which can be found in the king's chambers. 18th-century furniture can be admired in each room. The queen's bedroom is considered one of the richest Baroque rooms in the palace.

The Dutch Office, which connects the bedrooms, is an extension of the Great Vestibule. The current arrangement isn't original, however, it relates to the times of Augustus II the Strong. It's decorated with paintings related to mythology. The library, which walls are decorated with several dozen paintings by Flemish, French, German and Dutch masters, adheres to the king's antechamber.


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