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The largest of the Polish provinces, Masovia is a very diverse region. Most of the attractions are concentrated around Warsaw. In addition to it, you can also find numerous castles and palaces, magnificent forest areas and military monuments from various eras.

The capital of the voivodship, Warsaw, is a city that basically ceased to exist during World War II. The rebuilt Old Town is inscribed on the UNESCO list, while the most important attractions are also the Palace in Wilanów, Łazienki Królewskie, Copernicus Science Center and numerous museums.

There are forest areas around Warsaw, the largest of which is the Kampinos Forest, which is largely protected by the national park. In the whole region you can also relax among the nature in the Biała, Zielona, Kozienicka or Bolimowska Forests.

Water tourism is also popular, and the most important place to practice it is the Zegrzyński Lagoon, on which there are also beaches and resorts. You can go canoeing among others after the Bug, Świder or other smaller rivers.

Mazovia is also a lot of architectural monuments. As a whole, Płock stands out with its perfectly preserved Gothic Old Town, as well as castles in Ciechanów, Liw or Czersk. In Żelazowa Wola you can visit the manor of Chopin and in Czarnoles the manor of Kochanowski.

The area around Warsaw is also rich in military monuments. The largest of them is the powerful Modlin Fortress, while near Mława you can see Polish fortifications from 1939 and the battlefield of the September campaign. The tragic fate of the Jewish and Polish population during the Second World War is reminded by the memorial site at the former Treblinka extermination camp.

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