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Copper-Roof Palace

Local name: Pałac Pod Blachą

Located inside: Royal Castle in Warsaw

The Copper-Roof Palace is one of the most valuable monuments in Warsaw. It was rebuilt in 1948 after the war damage. It consists of the fully equipped apartment of Prince Józef Poniatowski, and valuable collections of Teresa Sahakian Foundation displaying eastern carpets and pieces of oriental decoration art.

The Copper-Roof Palace was named after its exceptional roof's cover made of copper plate. The centuries-old patine is responsible for its unique green color which stunningly composes with the monumental building. It was built in around 1651 as a tenement house but thanks to the many expansions it acquired the current shape and size. It had rooms of the royal court since the end of the 18th century. During the occupation, it was partially destroyed but brought to its glory right after the war.

A designer of the tenement house was the royal smith and armorer Wawrzyniec Ruffus while the construction of the palace was supervised by Jakub Fontana in 1720-1730. The final result is the Baroque-style building with four floors, and much lower two side wings covered with flat roofs.

Copper-Roof Palace map
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