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King Sigismund's Column and Castle Square

Local name: Kolumna Zygmunta i Plac Zamkowy

Castle Square and Sigismund's Column located in its center are one of the most recognizable parts of the Warsaw architecture. The column is the highest and the oldest monument in Warsaw and attracts lots of tourists.

Sigismund's Column is the oldest public monument in Warsaw. It was made by Clemente Molli and Daniel Tym on Władysław IV Vasa request in honor of his father, Sigismund III Vasa. Style of the monument relates to columns built in ancient Rome. The socle of the column is decorated with four brown plaques with king's titles, coats of arms cartouches and dates of castings. According to the legend, when the sword wielded by the king will touch the monument's base a series of disasters is to befall the city.

Situated in Warsaw Śródmieście, spacious Castle's Square is a place surrounded by numerous thoroughly rebuilt tenement houses. It's also a place where the Royal Route begins. The square was a witness of many important historical events. Nowadays, a lot of ceremonies, concerts, shows, and performances of street artists takes place there. It was built between 1818 and 1821 in the place of demolished non-residential buildings of the Royal Castle and the Royal Gate according to the design of Jakub Kubicki.


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