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Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Local name: Ogrody Zamkowe

Located inside: Royal Castle in Warsaw

Castle’s Upper Garden is a historical foundation, which was an important addition to the royal residence. About 80 hundred year old trees grow here, and the area is decorated with two fountains. The composition with clearly marked geometry consists of low hedges, flower vases, stone benches and white wooden benches as well as nearly 90 maple-trees in pots.

The Upper Garden was revitalized in 2013, which is why it is currently the most interesting part of the entire area. In the past, together with the Lower Garden, it was a complementary whole. The precursor in creating the plot composition was Anna Jagiellonka. Unfortunately, the extension of the castle after the relocation of the regal court from Krakow in the 17th century led to its destruction. Because there was not much room left on the escarpment for the garden area, Stanisław August commissioned the drainage of a part of the Vistula river bed.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Jakub Kubicki designed the garden on the escarpment (upper) and the lower garden, between the escarpment and the Vistula River. The garden on the escarpment is equipped with two terraces, one of which is located on the Kubicki Arcades vault, covering the street. At the time of its construction it was an innovative architectural solution, similar to a garden located on the terrace.


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