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Łazienki Park

Local name: Łazienki Królewskie

Łazienki Park is full of charm park and palace complex which serves today as a museum. Four gardens are located near the palace: Royal, Romantic, Modernistic and Chinese. The Park and gardens are rich in sculptures, pavilions, churches and dozens of other examples of little architecture.

The name of the complex created in the times of Stanisław August Poniatowski is not accidental. It refers to the Łaźnie pavilion, known today as the Palace on the Water. The history of Łazienki dates back to the 1680s when the great royal marshal Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski built two pavilions - Emitraż and Łaźnie - in the place of the Mazovian princes hunting place. In 1764 the place was bought by the future king of Poland with an idea of making it his summer residence. The Palace on the Water was used as his home between May and September.

After the king's death, Łazienki was passed to the heirs, then in the times of the Second Polish Republic, it belonged to the State Treasury until modern times. During that time it performed various public and cultural functions. The surface of Łazienki Park amounts to about 76ha, of which 4,9ha are water reservoirs. The entire area consists of 40 buildings and 10 gates. In 2012-2015 the overhaul of the palace and part of the other constructions was conducted.

Łazienki Park map
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