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number 35 in the city

Ujazdów Park

Local name: Park Ujazdowski

Located on the Royal Route, Ujazdów Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. This green point on a city map presents not only the old forest stand but also a number of monuments, sculptures, a charming pond, and other objects.

Ujazdów Park has a status of the monument. This well-maintained leafy part of the city is a great choice for tourists who value peace and quiet. The place commemorates famous people. The stone in honor of Stanisław Jachowicz or Ignacy Jan Paderewski Monument can be seen while walking around the alleys. Apart from that, the park also consists of other monumental objects such as the scale from the beginning of the 20th century, sculptures "Gladiator" and "Eve and Perseus".

Lover of nature should take a look at three natural monuments: common oak with a height of 30m, eastern black walnut, and maple. Children can use a playground which can be found in the west part of the park.


Attractions inside

    Ujazdów Park map
    Aleje Ujazdowskie, Piękna, Trasa Łazienkowska Warsaw , Poland