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Centre for Contemporary Art

Local name: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej

Located inside: Ujazdów Castle

The Center for Contemporary Art in the Ujazdowski Castle is an unusual clash of two worlds. On the one hand (inside) - a modern, unconventional world. On the other hand (from the outside) - the classic beauty of the Baroque building. The Warsaw Center for Contemporary Art successfully promotes contemporary artists and their works. It is one of the most popular institutions of this type in Poland.

The collection of the Center for Contemporary Art seems to have no end. Works of art belonging to this institution have been exhibited at the Ujazdowski Castle since 1985. The rich collections of the center include the works of both Polish and foreign artists.

Contemporary art has many names, so the work of the Center for Contemporary Art does not stop at creating exhibitions. Within the walls of the Ujazdowski Castle are also organized various types of performances, presentations, concerts, shows and workshops for subsequent generations of aspiring artists.


Attractions inside

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    Jazdów 200-467 Warsaw , Poland