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Ujazdów Castle

Local name: Zamek Ujazdowski

Ujazdowski Castle is a royal castle from the 17th century. Built in the Early Baroque style, it underwent several general renovations. The last reconstruction, in the classical style, took place during the reign of Stanisław August Poniatowski. It currently houses the Center for Contemporary Art.

Originally there was a settlement here Jazdów, destroyed in the mid-thirteenth century as a result of Lithuanian invasions. Two hundred years later, thanks to Bona Sforza in Ujazdów, the first wooden mansion at the time, which served as a private royal residence, was erected. After World War II, it was decided to completely demolish the castle, from which only the basements remained. It was rebuilt only in the seventies.

Since 1986, the castle is the seat of the Center for Contemporary Art, where you can admire the works of contemporary Polish and foreign art. Currently, the collection consists of about one hundred works by nearly eighty artists.


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Jazdów 200-467 Warsaw , Poland