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Chinese Garden

Local name: Ogród Chiński

Located inside: Łazienki Park

Chinese alley walking route in Łazienki, located exactly at the central axis of the park. On both sides there are red Chinese lanterns, illuminating the route after dark, on both sides. In the neighborhood of the Alea is located Chinese Garden.

Avenue of Chinese is the new name of the Wilanowska Way, established several hundred years ago, whose shape and name was changed in the eighties of the eighteenth century, then called chinoiserie. The new avenue was built on the initiative of Stanisław II August, and its surroundings were decorated with Chinese bridges, arbors and plantings. By 1823 there was also a Chinese Bridge to facilitate the passage of a busy alley. In the nineteenth many shortened the route to the area of ​​the Baths and equipped it with a hardened asphalt pavement, changing the climate to a more modern.

The current Chinese Avenue is a revitalization effect carried out in 2012-2014, in collaboration with the Museum of the Prince Gong's Residence in Beijing.


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