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Myślewicki Palace

Local name: Pałac Myślewicki

Located inside: Łazienki Park

The Myślewicki Palace is one of the museum buildings in the area of Łazienki. Inside you can see the original polychromy, and in the dining room landscapes of Italian cities, including St. Mark's Square in Venice. Interesting paintings and interior furnishings can also be seen in other rooms, and the original ceiling has been preserved on the bathroom ceiling.

The palace is an eighteenth-century building with three floors, equipped with two semicircular wings. In the past, there were residential apartments of royal courtiers in its interior, then the palace was taken over by Prince Józef Poniatowski. After the First World War, the palace was administered by the authorities, and its residents were: the commander of Warsaw, Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski and deputy prime minister Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski. In the years 1958-1970, the building served Polish-Chinese diplomatic meetings, as evidenced by the plaque above the entrance.

An interesting fact related to this place is that after World War II, it was visited by the highest representatives of world authorities. Indira Gandhi herself stayed in it, as well as Richard Nixon. Currently, the historic mansion is the property of the museum.


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