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Old Orangery

Local name: Stara Oranżeria

Located inside: Łazienki Park

Old Orangery is a building resembling a horseshoe shape. Its main part is the orangery and the Winter Garden, where you can watch a permanent exhibition of the Royal Sculpture Gallery. On the internal walls you can see Kamsetzer wall paintings. The east wing of the building is occupied by the Stanisławowski Theater and the "Concerts under the lime tree" take place here.

The Royal Sculpture Gallery is one of the three most important galleries in the area of Łazienki. In her collection there are marble and plaster sculptures preserved from the times of King Stanisław August. In turn, wall paintings covering approximately 60% of the interior of the theater's foyer are one of the most significant discoveries in the history of the object. In the Stanisławowski Theater there are 9 boxes and places for 200 spectators. In the rectangular theater room you can admire the beautiful painting of Apollo on the ceiling, as well as the medallions of famous playwrights. Many elements of the theater's decor come from the time of its reconstruction in 1839-1840.

The Orangery, apart from the palace, is the only building with raw classical elevations. Its architecture is modeled after the Grand Trianon in Versailles. From 1962, the building is open to visitors. Since 2015, the beautiful Dutch Garden adds splendor to the area around the building.

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