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University of Warsaw Botanic Garden

Local name: Ogród Botaniczny UW

The Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw is a garden whose collection includes about 5,000 species and varieties of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. You can walk around numerous educational paths here. They are related, among others, to the natural monuments (there are 23 of them in the garden), Polish protected plants, tropical useful plants, or the benefits we have from plants.

A very important element of the Botanical Garden's activity is educational activity. Lectures, exhibitions, workshops and educational competitions take place here. Every year, meetings are held in the garden under the joint title of "Meetings with Nature in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw". They are also conducted classes for school and university students.

Garden workers also care about preserving biodiversity, both wild plants and cultivated varieties. For several years, the first collection in Poland of endangered native ornamental varieties of trees and shrubs has been created in the garden. In the garden there is also the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw.

University of Warsaw Botanic Garden map
Aleje Ujazdowskie 400-478 Warsaw , Poland