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Temple of Divine Providence from 1792

Local name: Świątynia Opatrzności z 1793 roku

In the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw you can see fragments of foundations with the cornerstone laid on May 3, 1792 for the construction of the Temple of Providence. It was to be a vote of thanks for passing the 3rd May Constitution. The monumental design of the royal architect Jakub Kubicki was commenced, but the construction of the monument was interrupted by the Polish-Russian war. In 1965 the Garden and the ruins of the Temple were entered in the register of the Monuments of Culture and Science of the capital city of Warsaw.

At the request of King Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski, already erected in the Royal Garden, the pillar of the church was transformed into a small chapel. For another two centuries patriotic celebrations took place there. In 1818 the ruins of the church foundations were located in the area separated from the Royal Łazienki Park of the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw. After the uprising in November the University was liquidated and it was only in 1915 that he again became the owner of the Garden.

In 1916, during the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of May 3, a plaque commemorating the foundation stone was placed in the chapel niche and the oak was planted next to it.


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