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Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

Local name: Szklarnie Ogrodu Botanicznego

During a visit to the Botanical Garden it is worth visiting the glasshouses located in it. The oldest of them is a former orangery built during the reign of King Stanisław August. There you can admire a rich collection of succulents, as well as Mediterranean climate plants. In addition, the glasshouses house tropical and subtropical plants and exotic crops (such as coffee or ginger). It is also worth visiting the palm house, where many species of palm and fig trees grow, among them Ficus macrophylla, called the strangler tree.

Other interesting species that can be admired in glasshouses include "live stones" (Lithops), over forty years old sagos, beautiful orchids and powerful climbers. Although all plants have descriptions, it is worth choosing a guided tour. Such group tours of glasshouses are possible throughout the year. The trip takes about an hour, and the garden tour takes place independently (individually or with another guide).


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