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Krasiński Garden

Local name: Ogród Krasińskich

The Krasiński Garden is an exceptionally picturesque city park in Warsaw. Located in the Krasiński Palace, the garden consists of many beautiful nooks and crannies, and also numerous monuments.

The park was designed in Baroque style. The network of well-preserved walking alleys crossing each other in different spots is already visible at the gate. Apart from the enchanting arrangement of vegetation, the area of the Krasiński Garden contain monuments (the Ghetto boundary markers and the Monument of the Heroes of Monte Cassino, among others), the stone commemorating one of the battles of the November Uprising, the building of Royal Arsenal with National Museum of Archaeology and, of course, the palace itself.

The Krasiński Garden together with the 18th-century entrance gate is a monument. The park itself is even older than the gate - it was created for Płock voivode Jan Krasiński in 1676 (it was opened for visits one hundred years later).


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