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number 62 in the city

Little Insurrectionist Monument

Local name: Pomnik Małego Powstańca

Located by the outer defensive wall of the Old Town, the Monument of the Little Insurrectionist is intended to commemorate the youngest participants of the Warsaw Uprising who have died in defense of Warsaw. It is a bronze sculpture presenting a few-year-old boy in a helmet and uniform who is holding a rifle.

The statue was created in the 1980s on the basis of a plaster project of Janusz Jarkuszkiewicz from 1946. Placing of the monument was an initiative of the scouts, and casting of monument was financed by the fundraising carried out by the scouts. Since the beginning, it has aroused controversy, the artist himself also didn't hide ambivalent feelings about the use of his work in such a character. So far, there have been discussions as to whether this is the right form to honor the merits of little Insurrectionists or exploitation of the private tragedy of the then families for propaganda purposes.


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