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Old Town Market Square

Local name: Rynek Starego Miasta

Warsaw's Old Town Market Place is a rectangular square from which come out eight streets (two for each corner, perpendicularly). It was founded at the turn of the 14th century and since that time it didn't change its form. The tenement houses destroyed during the war was reconstructed and given a look from the first half of the 17th and the 18th century. Few of them have underground cellars, which are available for sightseeing thanks to the Cultural Trail of Old Town Cellars initiative.

There is a legend about the market, which says that the cellars of one of the tenement houses at the corner of the Krzywe Koło street are inhabited by the monster called Basilisk. It is said that it guarded treasures gathered there and every daredevil who tried to steal them, was turned into a stone. It was defeated by a man who showed the monster a mirror. The facade of one of the tenement houses has a signboard depicting Basilisk which is a heraldic badge of the famous Warsaw's restaurant with the same name.


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