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number 18 in the city


Local name: Barbakan

Warsaw Barbican is a semicircular crossing roundel built in 1548 according to the project of Jan Baptiste from Venice. Nowadays it hosts a permanent exhibition of the Warsaw Museum dedicated to the Old Town and defense walls of the Old Warsaw. The place is popular among artists, which are showing their works there. It might be due to the fact that Barbican is a passage to the Warsaw Market Place.

This brick facility was out-of-date in the moment of its construction.  It lacked proper defensive functions, even though during the Swedish Deluge it took part in defense of the city. In 19th century the remains of barbican were incorporated into newly built tenements. At the beginning of the 20th century, an attempt to its reconstruction under the leadership of Jan Zachwatowicz was made. These plans failed because of the war and the destruction of the city.  The post-war reconstruction, based on 17th century figures,  was conducted in the years 1952-1954 under the guidance of Waclaw Podlewski.


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Barbican map
Nowomiejska 15/1700-001 Warsaw , Poland