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Monument to the Ghetto Heroes

Local name: Pomnik Bohaterów Getta

At this place in Warsaw, where the most difficult battles took place during World War II, a unique statue - the Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto - was erected in memory of the fighters. This powerful monument is made up of two parts - on both sides there are reliefs depicting the gruesome fate of the Warsaw inhabitants during the war.

The west side of the Ghetto Heroes Monument depicts the "Battle" relief with Mordechaj Anielewicz in the middle - he was the commander of the Jewish Fighting Organization in the uprising. On the east side, there is a bas-relief called "The Extermination Extermination", showing the way to the death camp in Treblinka. At the bottom of the monument is also the inscription (in three languages): "The Jewish people - their fighters and martyrs".

Near the monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto was also placed a stone commemorating Żegota and memorial stones of the Martial Struggle and Martyrdom Route.


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