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New Town Market Place

Local name: Rynek Nowego Miasta

New Market Square in Warsaw was established in the 15th century. Initially surrounded by wooden buildings, since the 19th century - brick, destroyed almost completely during the Second World War, reconstructed after its completion. Today you can see here rebuilt tenement houses and the church of the sacrament.

The unique building is Kajetana Jurkowski's tenement house dating from 1784, which survived practically unharmed war crush. It is decorated with frescoes by Bohdan Urbanowicz.

The building is dominated by the Baroque church of Sts. Kazimierz, converted into a temple from the residence of the Kotowski family at the behest of Queen Maria Kazimiera Sobieska, modernized according to the design of architect Tylman of Gameren.

There is also a 19th-century cast-iron well at the New Market, which was set up here in 1957. Decorated with the image of the unmarried Virgin - the coat of arms of the New Town.


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