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Multimedia Fountain Park

Local name: Multimedialny Park Fontann

The Multimedia Fountain Park is a complex of four fountains located in the Warsaw New Town, 500m from the Royal Castle. Multimedia shows 'water-light-sound' in the form of animated stories take place there during summer. High quality and unique experience during shows are provided by 367 water jets, lasers and about 300 spotlights LED RGB.

The Multimedia Fountain Park was opened in 2011 in the 125th anniversary of the building of City Waterworks and Sewerage. The monument and bench of William Heerlein Lindley who initiated the waterworks in Warsaw and designed city sewerage system can be found nearby the complex. Artists Norbert Sarnecki and Anna Sarnecka decided on the unusual design of the bench placed near the monument - it's made of two pumps and water pipes.


Attractions inside

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    Skwer I Dywizji Pancernej 00-221 Warsaw , Poland