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number 73 in the city

Szczęśliwicki Park

Local name: Park Szczęśliwicki

Park Szczęśliwicki is the most popular green spot in Warsaw Ochota. This is a place for meetings, relaxing walks of both residents and tourists visiting Warsaw. This park attracts not only the green itself, but also a very extensive recreational area.

The growing trees and bushes and the green grasses in the spring are the conditions that the inhabitants of Warsaw enjoyed. Not only them. In the Szczęśliwic Park, many species of birds are found in the park, including rarely found protected species such as Canadian barnacles. A walk in the Szczęśliwicki Park gives you the opportunity to admire both the rich flora and fauna.

Park Szczęśliwicki owes its popularity not only to natural aspects, but also to the recreation area. The presence of the Szczęśliwicki Lake itself is very good - you can go fishing or go kayaking. At the disposal of residents there is a swimming pool Szczęśliwice, a mountain railway, a year-round ski slope, volleyball and a special sector for strength training.


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