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Pole Mokotowskie

Local name: Pole Mokotowskie

Mokotów Field is a large park complex located in the area of the three Warsaw's districts - Mokotów, Ochota, and Śródmieście. Part of Field is named Józef Piłsudski Park. This place is an important part of the wedge aerating the center of Warsaw. It's also an attractive open space reserve located near the center.

The bike track runs through entire Field, there is no shortage of places for running and other sports. Other attractions are the Happy Dog Monument, the Monument in Memory of the Fallen Pilots and opened on 24 June 2010 the Path of Ryszard Kapuściński.

Before World War II, Mokotów Field served as a horse racetrack and an airport. Because of its beauty and close location to the center, more and more pressures are exerted in order to use it for investments projects.


Attractions inside

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