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Morskie Oko Park

Local name: Park Morskie Oko

Once there was a green area here known as the Lubomirska Garden. Today, this part of Mokotów is known by Warsaw residents as the Morskie Oko Park (Sea Eye Park). This historic fragment of greenery invites you to visit old buildings and monuments and captures with interesting terrain, interesting tree stands and charming ponds.

Located almost in the heart of the capital, the Morskie Oko park is divided into two parts. The one from the north once functioned as a Promenade, and the southern one before the war was known as the Morskie Oko (Sea Eye). Between the two parts there is a hill - Warsaw Escarpment.

While walking along the paths of the Morskie Oko Park, you can see many interesting objects. The most important of them is the historic Szustra palace. Further wander will lead visitors of the park to the monument of Jan Matejko and the monument to the Memorial of Home Army Soldiers.


Attractions inside

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