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number 52 in the city

Hala Koszyki

Local name: Hala Koszyki

The Hall, called the People's Bazaar, was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is a modern center with close to twenty restaurants, several shopping points, hairdressing salons and yoga studios.

The hall was built in Art Nouveau style according to the project of the principal architect of the then Warsaw, Juliusz Dzierżanowski. It was decorated with decorative sculptures. Interestingly, some of them can be admired in the newly renovated hall, among others. bas-relief with mermaid and bull head.

Over the years, depending on the regime, the hall served as a bazaar, an exemplary socialist supermarket, and a dazzling market of the nineties. Finally, it was dismantled and rebuilt using restored elements from the original design.


Attractions inside

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    Koszykowa 6300-667 Warsaw , Poland