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Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences

Local name: Muzeum Ewolucji PAN

The Museum's seat is the Youth Palace in the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science. The Paleobiology Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) is in charge of the institution. You can see here, among others, skeletons and skulls as well as petrified dinosaur eggs, reconstruction of the australopithecus "Lucy", one of the two oldest feathers in the world, and the oldest known frog coming from around Kraków. A separate exhibition is devoted to paleontological discoveries from Krasiejów, including Triassic reptiles and amphibians. The museum has a rich educational and entertainment offer, also for the youngest guests, and you can buy souvenirs in the museum shop.

The predecessor of the Museum of Evolution that was opened in 1984, was the exhibition "Dinosaurs from the Gobi Desert", which still forms the core of paleontological collections. Thanks to the local expositions, you can also follow the process of getting vertebrates out to land, admire the perfectly preserved specimens of flora and fauna of the lake from the late Jurassic period, and find answers to bothering questions related to human evolution and the extinction of dinosaurs.

The institution publishes a popular science magazine "Yearbook of the Evolution Museum", organizes symposia and temporary exhibitions.


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