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number 36 in the city

Chmielna Street

Local name: Ulica Chmielna

Chmielna is one of the most popular streets of Warsaw. It is divided into two parts, one of which is located in Wola, and the other one, leading through the city center, has the form of a pedestrian precinct which is often visited by tourists.

Chmielna Street, formerly known as Chmielnik Road, ran its way through the land of hops at the beginning of its existence (that of the seventeenth century). It was the boundary between the land of the Augustians on the one hand and the priests of the missionaries on the other.

Strolling along today's Chmielna you can admire a number of magnificent historic tenements, Atlantic Cinema, the Goethe Institute and the Warta Tower. You can also see the entrance to Hotel 52, which plays the action of one of the popular TV series with the same title.


Attractions inside

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