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Nicolaus Copernicus Monument

Local name: Pomnik Mikołaja Kopernika

Towering over Staszic Palace, the monument of the most renowned Polish astronomer is one of the attractions in Cracow's Przedmieście.

The monument was built on the initiative of priest Stanisław Staszic. It was unveiled in 1830 and is 2,8m tall. The bronze monument was made by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. It depicts Nicolaus Copernicus with a pair of compasses in the right hand and an armillary sphere in the left. What is interesting, the statue depicts Copernicus in a sitting position because he is a "guest" in Warsaw. In Toruń, on the other hand, where Copernicus is a "host", the statue presents the astronomer in a standing position.

Apart from the statue, Cracow's Przedmieście in Warsaw also presents the other monument of Nicolaus Copernicus. It can be found near the main entrance to Palace of Culture and Science. The exact copies of the Staszic's work can be seen overseas in Chicago and Montreal.


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