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NBP Money Center

Local name: Centrum Pieniądza NBP

The center was opened in 2016 at the headquarters of the National Bank of Poland. The initiator of establishing the educational institution was the late president of the NBP - Sławomir Skrzypek. The center's task is to popularize economic knowledge among Poles.

The exhibition area of the Money Center is 2000 m². The exhibition was divided into 16 sections dealing with various economic issues, including: "Monetary systems", "Central Bank", "Numismatics office", "Treasury", "Wars", "PRL", "Transformation", " Stock market and financial markets "," Money in art ".

The exhibition contains 10,000 objects. Visitors will be able to see here, among others: Denar Princes Polonie - denar minted by the mint of Bolesław the Brave, a banker and a treasury with a gold bar. They will also learn how money is created, learn about the operation of credit cards and ATMs, and the laws governing the capital market.


Attractions inside

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    Świętokrzyska 11/2100-919 Warsaw , Poland