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National Museum

Local name: Muzeum Narodowe

The biggest in Warsaw and one of the oldest Polish museum collected over 800 thousand items showing the achievements of Polish and world art starting from ancient history through the Middle Ages and ending in modern times.

Gathered in five galleries, the impressive collections of the State Museum consists of the unique collection of the ancient art, rich collection of Polish and foreign paintings, drawings, graphics, sacral art from the late Middle Ages, sculptures, handicrafts, remarkable examples of numismatic, art of the Far East, applied arts and photographs.

The Museum of Fine Arts opened in 1862 in Warsaw, become the State Museum in 1916. The modernistic building, designed by Antoni Dygat and Tadeusz Tołwiński, was constructed between 1927 and 1938. The institute has four branches: the Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia, the Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture in Królikarnia, the Poster Museum at Wilanów and the Museum of Interiors at Otwock Wielki.

The museum organizes temporary exhibitions and open days and also performs scientific and didactic functions. It's adapted for the disabled people.

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Al. Jerozolimskie 300-495 Warsaw , Poland