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Gallery of Old Masters

Local name: Galeria Sztuki Dawnej

Located inside: National Museum

The collections of the Gallery of Old Art is divided into three categories corresponding to various social spaces: court, religious and urban. Court culture is represented by objects associated with the palace, villa and manor house; religious - items that could be found in churches, chapels and home altars; urban culture presents the furnishings of houses and typical institutions of the city. In all three categories, you can see works representing various fields of art: both paintings and sculptures, as well as products of artistic craftsmanship.

The exhibition was created from the merger of two other galleries: Gallery of Decorative Arts and Gallery of Old European and Old Polish Painting. The gallery departs from the traditional separation between visual art and artistic craft, because in past eras such division did not exist. All fields of art were considered equally important, and the word "art" meant originally artistry craft.


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