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Polish Army Museum

Local name: Muzeum Wojska Polskiego

Museum of the Polish Army is one of the most popular and biggest militaria museums in Poland. The interiors of the impressive building consist of exceptionally valuable items which are a testimony of the history of Polish army since the Middle Ages to the modern times. Part of the exhibition is located outside thank to which visitors can take a walk among monumental aircraft and tanks placed around the building.

The interiors of the museum are arranged in an attractive, modern way thanks to which the visit is pleasant and informative at the same time. The museum's collection consists of 250 thousand display units.

The most important items visitors can see are a Gothic reliquary procured in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, hussar armors and helmets, uniforms and sabers of prominent Polish leaders and the cipher machine Enigma.

The museum was established in 1920 by the Marshal Józef Poniatowski's decree. Since that time, the collection of the museum had been enriching by souvenirs from World War II and the Warsaw Uprising. The museum also received a lot of items from Polish and foreign donators.

Polish Army Museum map
Aleje Jerozolimskie 300-495 Warsaw , Poland