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number 54 in the city

Warsaw Railway Museum

Local name: "Stacja" Muzeum Kolejnictwa

Museum The station collects many rail-related monuments, including old rolling stock and fragments of railway infrastructure. There is also a whole lot of souvenirs from the history of the Polish railways. A visit to the Museum Station in Warsaw is a great idea for young railway enthusiasts and older tourists who want to recall their youth and the first train journeys.

In four exhibition halls and the outside of the museum, it was possible to collect what is most important in the history of railways in Poland. Of course, the most impressive are locomotives (steam, diesel and electric) and wagons. All kinds of souvenirs deserve no less attention: models and models of railways, old railway maps, clocks and lamps, as well as items used on a daily basis by railway employees: special telephones, uniforms or documents. A separate place in the museum is occupied by old photographs capturing it all.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Station Museum also organizes temporary exhibitions. The more worth visiting this place and even coming back to it. You can always see something new.

Warsaw Railway Museum map
Towarowa 300-811 Warsaw , Poland