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Warsaw Rising Museum

Local name: Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

Opened in 2004, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is located in the building of former City Tram Powerhouse. It was recognized as the modern hallmark of Warsaw, Place of the Year and Mazovia's Pearl in the Crown. Using the newest audiovisual techniques, the museum tells the story about a fight and everyday life during the occupation, and also about afterwar times. Three stories of the museum consist of over 30 thousand items such as weapons, personal items, photographies, biographical information, documents, and maps. One of the many attractions is the tower of 32m in height topped by the observation deck. The institution is adapted for disabled people.

The main part of the exposition are three chronologically arranged collections: World War II since September 1939 to the end of Operation Tempest, the uprising in August 1944, and also destroying of the city, the fate of the insurgents in prisoner-of-war camps and forming the communist government in London. The entire exhibition is presented in the context of a complex international situation. The integral part of the exposition is the movie 'The city of ruins'.

The museum also serves as the scientific, didactic and research institution dedicated to the history of the uprising and the Polish Underground State.


Attractions inside

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