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number 69 in the city

Moczydło Water Park

Local name: Park Wodny Moczydło

Water Park Moczydło is Warsaw's largest open-air pool complex. This is a true Mecca for amateurs of water sports and sunbathing, especially during the holidays. The complex has several pools of varying depths, a huge slide and additional attractions for those who do not want to splash in the water.

Visitors are provided with: an eight-meter Olympic pool for professionals, an irregular leisure pool with three slides for less experienced swimmers, and a giant "slide" of up to 70 m (only for strong swimmers!). Once you get out of the water you can play beach volleyball on specially prepared pitches, send children to the playground and bungee jump and dine in the catering area.


Attractions inside

    Moczydło Water Park map
    Górczewska 69/7301-401 Warsaw , Poland