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number 120 in the city

Szymański Park

Local name: Park Szymańskiego

The city park of Edward Szymański was founded in 1974. On its territory there is an artificial river with water cascades, pond "Oczko" (the Little Eye), a fountain and playgrounds. Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the gym, skatepark, roller-skating park, roller blades routes and bicycle paths. Walkers can move on footpaths, a labyrinth of bushes and decorative bridges.

One of the attractions of the park is also the bust of his patron placed on a few meters high mound. The monument was designed by Ferdynand Jarocha.

Edward Szymański (pen name Marian Patryn) was a poet and journalist from Wola. He created various literary genres such as satires, epigrams and short stories. He also dealt with journalism. He wrote pieces for children. He co-edited the weekly for children and teenagers "Płomyk". His name was also given to the one of the streets of Wola in Warsaw.


Attractions inside

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