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Górka Szczęśliwicka

Local name: Górka Szczęśliwicka

Located inside: Szczęśliwicki Park

Located in Szczęśliwice Park Szczęśliwicka Hill is a real treat for the active inhabitants of Warsaw. Situated in a picturesque park, the elevation has been adapted as a ski slope, which, coupled with modern infrastructure, provides the opportunity for winter sports without the need to leave the city.

On Szczęśliwicka Hill there is one of three yearly ski resorts in Poland. Thanks to modern pavements and special technologies, even in the snowless winters, it is possible to wet the prepared downhill route. It is dedicated especially to novice skiers who, under the supervision of qualified instructors, will be able to learn the secrets of this sport. The ski slope has been classified as easy to navigate, so youngsters can be moved there as well.

The completion of the ski slope on Szczęśliwicka Hill is a chairlift, and an additional attraction is the gravity train.


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