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number 144 in the city

Kamienne Schodki Street

Local name: Ulica Kamienne Schodki

Stone Stairs is a narrow and steep downtown street, connecting the upper part of the Old Town with the Vistula River. It is surrounded by side elevations of tenement houses at the Old Town Square, Birch and Krzywym Kole. In the past, the picturesque and artistically visited street was called Passers-by, Passers and Pedestrians. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte, with prince Jozef Poniatowski, was gazing at the Vistula from her steps. Irena Santor also sang about Stone Stairs.

The first mention of the Stone Steps dates back to 1527. The street led to the walls of the defensive walls, and water was taken from the river. Initially, it was called The Steps, then the Steps. By the end of the 18th century, the wooden steps were replaced with stone, which was reflected in the name.

In the years 1952-1962 the surrounding tenements were rebuilt from war damage. The street was also repaired in 2002 and 2008: a part of the steps, handrails and grates were listed, discovering the foundations of an 18th-century tenement.


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