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Czerniakowskie Lake

Local name: Jeziorko Czerniakowskie

Czerniakowskie lake in Warsaw is located in nature reserve in Mokotów. It is the largest natural water reservoir in the city - its area is 19.5 hectares. This is not only a place of nature conservation but also a recreation area for the Warsaw people. In summer, they can enjoy the beach.

The nature reserve "Czerniakowskie Lake" covers part of the Vistula river bed and the surrounding areas. It is part of Warsaw's Protected Landscape Area. There are, for example, a refuge of 60 species of birds, most of which are covered by total protection.

The guarded swimming pool at Czerniakowski Lake was created from ul. Lake. The beach is a great place for people who like sports, prepared for them basketball and football pitches, obstacle courses and outdoor gym.


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