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Królikarnia - Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture

Local name: Królikarnia - Muzeum Rzeźby im. Xawerego Dunikowskiego

Królikarnia (The Rabbit House) is a classicist palace located on the Vistula escarpment, currently transformed into the Museum of Sculpture named after Xawery Dunikowski. It was built in the eighties of the eighteenth century according to the design of Dominik Merlini, modeled after the Renaissance residence Villa Rotonda lying near Vicenza.

The vast park surrounding the palace currently functions as the Sculpture Park, in which the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw are presented. A special place there has the presentation of the work of the patron of the museum in Królikarnia, Dunikowski. In addition to sculptures and paintings of his authorship, there are also his personal memorabilia.

The unusual name of the palace comes from the Saxon era, when it was transformed into an animal house in which - as the custom of the time was - rabbits were hunted. At that time, the complex also included a brewery, a brickyard, a tavern, a mill and a barn.


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