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Kampinos National Park

Local name: Kampinoski Park Narodowy

The Kampinos National Park is one of the main fauna refuges of the Polish lowland, which is symbolized by the moose, that lives there. Within the reserve area there are over 50 diverse plant communities and over 50 mammal species.

In the Kampinos National Park, 360 kilometers of hiking trails were made available for tourists. The routes, taking into account the belt system of the forest, show all types and kinds of landscape. Long distance cycling routes are a part of the marked routes and public roads. It is an option rather for the robust tourists concerning sandy part of the route. During wintertime it is possible to use cross-country skiing on the hiking trails. In the park there are 12 resting glades, where one can organize a picnic.

Type of the forest, that is most common in the Kampinos National Park, is a refuge for mooses, dears, roes, lynx and badgers. The rest consist of extensive sand dunes and swamps. Great biological diversity contributed to the announcement by UNESCO the World Biosphere Reserve in this area.


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