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Palmiry National Memorial and Museum

Local name: Muzeum - Miejsce Pamięci Palmiry

The object is a place of national memory, created in honor of victims of mass executions carried out by the Germans during World War II in the Kampinos Forest. Visitors will see not only biographies of selected victims, photographs and memorabilia of their lives, but also all evidence of crimes committed here - documents and press with information on executions or objects derived from the exhumation of victims' bodies.

The museum is located in a modernist glass building. This construction gives the visitor a view of the Palmira cemetery. Interestingly, there are memorials of executed execution in the form of four pines in glass tubes.

In the central part of the exhibit, the Museum presents lists of names of people murdered and buried in the cemetery, as well as lists of executions containing exact dates and numbers of victims.


Attractions inside

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    Palmiry 05-152 Palmiry , Poland