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number 82 in the city

Stefan Żeromski Park

Local name: Park Stefana Żeromskiego

The Stefan Żeromski park in Warsaw's Żoliborz district is relatively small, but very charming. It is located in the area of old fortifications - you can find the remains of it while walking in the park. The uniqueness of this park is influenced by the diversified relief and vegetation that underlines it.

In the heart of Stefan Żeromski's park there is an artillery tower, a relic of fortifications. It creates a perfect composition with tree paths, unheard of in other parks. An additional advantage of the park is the fountain installed in it, where green lovers visiting the park eagerly gather. During the renovation of the park, a large number of decorative bushes were planted in it, which made the place even more beautiful.

The modern playground in the park is very popular. It is one of the most visited playgrounds in this part of Warsaw.


Attractions inside

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