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Katyń Museum

Local name: Muzeum Katyńskie

The Katyn Museum in Warsaw is a branch of the Polish Army Museum which aim is to commemorate the Katyń massacre of 1940. It was established in 1993 on the initiative of the Polish Army Museum, with the cooperation of activists from the Federation Families of Katyn Victims. The headquarters of the museum are located in the Warsaw Citadel.

The museum owns a collection of valuable memorabilia of people killed in Katyn, but also in Kharkiv, Mednoye, and Bykivnia. So far, they have collected items found during the exhumation, letters and photographs donated by the families of the victims, and archives.

The first seat of the museum was the "Czerniaków" Fort. However, due to the poor technical condition of the building, by the decision of the construction supervision, the museum had to stop its activity until finding new headquarters. Currently, its headquarters is a caponier of a historic fortress in Żoliborz.


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