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Żelazowa Wola Park

Local name: Park przy domu Chopina

A unique park next to Chopin's house in a very modernist shape. Famous international competitions, concerts and Chopin recitals take place here. The park itself is a great place for walks, relaxation and a moment of quietness to the sounds of romantic music.

The complex was renovated in 2010. Currently, it has 7 hectares. Over 10,000 varieties of trees and shrubs from around the world have been found here. Old, huge oaks, poplars and skimming willows are very attractive, lots of flowers are blooming all around. The whole is complemented by beautiful music flowing from all sides. The combination of rich flora and romantic sounds creates a unique atmosphere.

There are many images of the composer in the park, e.g. Obelisk, bronze monument and bust.
The main alley leads towards the manor house. There are benches where you can sit, relax and listen to music. From this place we have views of virtually the entire park and the river. The banks of the Utrata River are connected by bridges, a marina and stage were built there.

The park has outbuildings. The property also has a catering base.

Żelazowa Wola Park map
Żelazowa Wola 1596-503 Żelazowa Wola , Poland